With real-time data insights, advanced collaboration features and workflow automation, Schoolworks helps schools to lower costs, deliver customer satisfaction and drive growth.

Maximise your school’s potential

Save time and resources by automating any aspect of your customer journey from enquiry to alumni.  Eliminate duplication, reduce errors and simplify your operations.
Innovative technology means innovative solutions. Schoolworks delivers cutting-edge features to help you create the best experiences for your students, agents and staff.
With Schoolworks, transparency and communication go hand in hand. Our social collaboration tools and single source of data give you real-time insights for better decision making and overall school performance.
“We have been working with Schoolworks since 2007, so have seen the software evolve over time to meet our fairly complex needs”
Hauke Tallon
Chief Executive, The London School Group

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See how Schoolworks can assist your students through their learner journey while automating myriad everyday tasks for your admin team. 

The 360° Learner Journey

From sales to alumni, optimise every step of your learner journey 

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